Smart Protein Layers

Smart Protein Layers (SPL) is a new technology for stain-free & quantitative analysis of protein gels and Western blots. It combines the rapid & high sensitivity protein visualization (Smart Label) with a new quality of normalization, standardization and quantification of protein expression due to a bi-fluorescent standard (Smartalyzer), which is added to each sample. The analyses for an unlimited number of projects is perfectely supported by a workflow based software (Smart Software).

SPL allows you to benefit from multiple features such as:

  •  Stain-free protein visualization

  (Sensitivity 100 x higher, dynamic range 1000 x better than Coomassie)

  • Protein load equalizer

  (Sample loading by volume, inaccurate protein content determination, loss of  sample during loading  procedure)

  • Precise protein expression quantification

  (Lane-to-lane, target to protein, gel-to-gel, blot-to-blot analyses)