Smart Software

As part of the Smart Protein Layer system smart software is needed to analyze the different layers (multi channel western blotting) in one step.

This job is done by the LabImage Platform using the LabImage 1D app. It features a guided and easy workflow to analyze gels and blots for molecular weight calculation, quantification and normalization. The unique feature is the automation tool which enables user to fully automate the analysis steps using macros. Each of the analysis steps can be used in macros so only a single click is needed to analyze gels or even batches of images.

The software is perfectly lined up with the SPL technology so it provides the features and calculation needed to run smooth analysis.

LabImage 1D is now equipped with an extension called Project Comparator. This extension enables LabImage 1D to compare projects with each other.

It features:

  • Compare as many layers (projects) as you want
  • Transfer of ROI and lane data between projects
  • Layer overlay using coloured image
  • Custom calculation

It provides a plugin concept to extend the calculation with custom methodes.

The basic calculation methodes are:

  • Normalization of each lane
  • Normalization of selected lane for all other lanes
  • Normalization of selected band in lane for all other bands

Image overlay of 3 layersImage overlay of 3 layers

screen_multi_channel_dataCompare  lanes of 3 layers and display calculation data