Smart Imaging

The SPL system requires an adequate fluorescent imager. For blot detection, the system should be equipped with: epi-blue & epi-red fluorescence detection.

After protein separation by e.g SDS-PAGE, the fluorescent labeled total protein and the sample-specific standard can be rapidly imaged within seconds while the gel may remain in the glass cassette. After transfer of the total protein to a membrane (blot),  the total protein and Smartalyzer are imaged again (imaging time: less than 1 sec, signal stability: over one year).

For target protein detection, NH DyeAGNOSTICS  offers two solutions, depending on target protein abundance:

1) For high-abundant targets: fluorescence-labeled 2nd antibody (e.g. anti-mouse, imaging time within seconds, signal stability of months to years. Less sensitive than enhanced chemiluminescence.

2) For low-abundant targets: fluorescence-substrate created by 2nd antibody (imaging time within seconds, signal stability of weeks to months. Sensitivity of enhanced chemililuminescence

Chemilluminescence detection can be performed as well.