Smart Labeling Kits

The Smart Labels offer a stain-free visualization of proteins. Smart Labels are the ideal replacement for post-stains: highly sensitive protein visualization in gels and on corresponding Western blots with best reproducibility and no staining and de-staining required.

Smart Reaction Buffer, Smart Label and the Smartalyzer are given to your protein sample and incubated briefly on ice. After this step, the proteins emit a strong fluorescence. Using an adequate imager, this fluorescence can be rapidly detected e.g. in gels and on blots.

Smart Labels and the Smartalyzer do not interfere with antibody-protein interaction or mass spectrometry.

The Smartalyzer allows you to precisely analyze protein expression on gels and blots: lane-to-lane, target-to-protein, gel-to-gel and blot-to-blot. The precise normalization, standardization and quantification of proteins and/ or antibody signals can be performed even when unequal amounts of protein per lane have been loaded.